Marinating Tofu for the Type of Cuisine

Marinated Tofu

If you’re adding tofu to your weight loss diet, learning how to marinate your tofu is important. Tofu comes packed in its own liquid, giving in a very bland flavor. In fact, the liquid is often the main reason that many individuals find tofu distasteful. The good news is that marinating your tofu correctly allows you to infuse the tofu with a pop of flavor that you’ll enjoy.

One of the most important steps when marinating tofu is removing the excess liquid from the tofu. If you don’t take the time to remove any lingering liquid, the tofu won’t be able to soak up your marinade. This means you’ll be left with flavorless tofu. It’s a good idea to start with extra-firm tofu and then use a heavy weight and some paper towels to press out any leftover liquid. After you remove all that liquid, the tofu will be ready to soak up the delicious marinade you make.

The type of marinade you choose for your tofu should depend on the type of cuisine you plan to make. You can add tofu to nearly any type of cuisine as long as you use the right marinade. For example, if you plan to make an Asian-style stir fry, consider using a marinade that uses soy sauce, garlic, sesame, oil, ginger, and maybe a touch of brown sugar for sweetness. Are you planning to cook Italian food? If so, make a marinade with olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano.

When you marinate tofu, make sure you allow it to marinate it for a minimum of an hour. If you let it marinate overnight, it will soak up even more flavor. Avoid dirtying any dishes by placing the tofu and marinade in a zip-lock bag. Remove any air, close it, and place in the refrigerator on a plate. You may want to turn the bag from time to time to make sure all sides are evenly marinated.



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