Is Sleep a Weight Loss Short Cut?

Sleeping Woman

Looking for an easy weight loss hack? Try going to bed earlier. It's true. Aside from the fact that your body craves adequate sleep and will actually be less likely to shed pounds if you're sleep deprived, getting some extra shut-eye also prevents you from excessive snacking. Think about it: When are you most likely to snack mindlessly? For so many people, late-night eating is a huge source of extra calories.

By going to bed early instead of sitting up late in front of the television, you will reduce the likelihood of binge eating. Another strategy is to shut down the kitchen after dinner in the evening. Clean up any food lying around, tidy up the dishes and turn off the light.

Building these simple habits can help you reduce calorie intake, and make it more likely that you'll make healthy eating choices. After all, if you are tired or up late, you are more likely to reach for high-calorie convenience snacks and sweets. This is also common if you are overtired. Getting plenty of rest will make you much less likely to reach for food as a means of staying awake when you're tired.

Another tip is to keep your home free from "late-night munchies" that you can quickly grab. Examples include cookies, crackers, chips and dip, etc. Either keep healthy snacks (like carrot sticks, cheese, etc.) or foods that you actually have to prepare. You'll be less likely to grab something late at night if you have to cook it!

To learn more about building habits that lead to weight loss, contact Metabolic Research Center. We have over 25 years of experience helping our clients lose weight and keep it off without the deprivation of fad diets. Contact us today.


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