Holiday Tips for Watching Your Weight

Pumpkin Parfaits

After discovering none of the winter clothes in your closet fit, you vowed to start eating healthier and working out regularly. However, with the holiday season quickly approaching, you wonder if you should just give up now. You usually gain five or ten pounds during this fun time of the year anyway. If you can relate to this situation, don’t despair. To keep your diet on the fast track during the holidays, follow these simple tips. 

Party Like a Weight Loss Pro

Do you attend several festive parties during the holiday season? Without planning, these momentous occasions can wreak havoc on your waistline. Avoid going to a holiday bash hungry. By eating a healthy snack or small meal before arriving at the party, you’ll be less likely to fill up on calorie laden hors d'oeuvres. Before reaching for a plate, scan the food tables thoroughly and decide what you want to eat. Look for real, whole foods such as fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and nuts instead of processed products. Processed foods like cheese balls, sausage balls, dips, and holiday cookies are often packed with hidden sodium, sugar, and fat. 

Put Your Own Twist on Traditional Holiday Dishes

Do you adore preparing traditional holiday dishes for family members and friends each year? To cut calories, look for ways to lighten up your favorite treats. Swap the sugary sweet potato soufflé with baked sweet potatoes topped with toasted walnuts and cinnamon. Consider substituting your green bean casserole topped with French fried onions with sautéed green beans mixed with slivered almonds. Replace the pumpkin pie with pumpkin yogurt parfaits. The delicious, nutritious possibilities are endless.

Armed with the right tools, losing weight during the holiday season is absolutely possible. If you need help navigating through the tempting holiday season, consider scheduling a free, initial consultation with a representative at a Metabolic Research Center today.


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