Does Tofu Reduce Testosterone Production?

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Are you reluctant to eat tofu in public? Do people give you a hard time or even tell you it's not good for you? Perhaps you've heard from well-meaning friends that men in particular shouldn't eat tofu because it reduces testosterone. However, you've also heard that tofu is an excellent source of plant-based protein, is low in calories and is heart-healthy. So which is it? Is tofu a healthy alternative to meat? Is it the perfect addition to your well-balanced diet? Or, is it a testosterone-zapping, trendy but not-so-good-for-you food that will eventually fall by the wayside. Let's look at the truth about tofu.

Tofu Does Not Lower Your Testosterone Levels

Some time ago, there was talk that soy products such as tofu contained plant estrogens (isoflavins) that could lower the testosterone levels in men, even causing the development of feminine characteristics, such as breasts and a high-pitched voice. This was enough to scare many a man away from eating tofu. The "research" on this was faulty, however. While isoflavins can indeed be found in soy, it does not negatively impact a man's (or woman's) testosterone levels. You see, men naturally produce estrogen already, just like women produce testosterone. In fact, it's necessary. Men just produce estrogen in smaller amounts than women. Men who do not produce enough estrogen may develop health complications, such as osteoporosis.

For men who are experiencing a deficit of estrogen, soy products can result in a mild increase in estrogen, helping to avoid health risks associated with low estrogen levels. For men who over-produce estrogen, eating tofu can actually help normalize levels in the body. Either way, eating tofu on a regular basis will not cause any ill effects, hormonal or otherwise, provided you don't have an allergy.

What Does Tofu Do?

Tofu helps ensure your body is getting adequate protein and amino acids, while helping to lower cholesterol. It is an ideal food to eat whether you are a vegetarian or not. It's great with stir-fry's, in soup or a variety of other foods and snacks. If you are trying to cut cholesterol, lose weight and still consume enough protein, tofu is a great addiction to your diet. You can learn more about nutritionally rich foods like tofu by exploring the MRC website. Benefit from over 20 years of health and wellness experience, and learn how you can lose weight, get healthy and feel better than ever before. Contact Metabolic Research Center today.


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