Does Eating Fresh Fruit Cause Blood Sugar Spikes?

Bowl of Fresh Cherries with Cherry Blossoms

While many people believe that the sugar in fruit can be as harmful as regular sugar, eating foods that provide good nutrients to the body is more beneficial than eating processed foods with added sugars. So, what gives fruit its bad reputation? The inclusion of fructose as part of its nutritional makeup is to blame. While we typically associate fructose with high-fructose corn syrup, the fructose sugars in fruit are naturally occurring, not processed, and are present in much lower levels. In fact, you would have to consume numerous servings of fruit to equal the fructose in even one can of soda.

Recommended by American Diabetes Association

Although many people still think fruit is sugary and unhealthy, it's not. Fruit is a great snack choice and offers vitamins, nutrients, fiber and unprocessed calories to the body. The American Diabetes Association even suggests that fruit is a healthy way to incorporate nutrients and sugar into the diet. This makes fruit a great choice for curbing a sweet tooth, adding flavor to a salad or meal, or simply as a healthy snack. The key is portion control.

Fruit Contains Macronutrients & Fiber

Fruit has nutrients, including carbohydrates, fiber and even water that can help your body remain at its peak. The key tipping point is for the fruit serving to remain around 15g of carbohydrates. This amount of carbohydrates still provides nutrients without dramatically increasing your blood sugar level. As with all foods higher in calories, the key for fruit remains controlling the amount consumed. One small apple, half a banana, or a dozen cherries should be considered a full serving size of fruit. Simply be careful to only eat a healthy portion of the fruit you've chosen to avoid over-indulging. That way, you will be gaining valuable nutrients and satisfy your taste for something sweet.

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