How Often Should I Run?

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The short answer to “How Often Should I Run?” is to do it as often as possible. It compares in many ways to walking. However, it does have some additional weight-loss benefits because running gives you a cardio workout.

You do not necessarily have to run every day to benefit from this kind of exercise. Three times a week is a good start, and it can perhaps take the place of one of your aerobics dance sessions. In any case, you probably will need to gradually increase your speed and distance when you run in order to keep yourself challenged and burn calories.

In any case, both walking and running are comparable activities. They both help you burn a considerable number of calories. However, you of course can run a mile in less time than you can walk the same distance. Therefore, running versus walking provides you with additional weight-loss benefit. When running, you can burn energy and even shed off some unwanted fat in less time than walking.

In any case, running about 50 miles per week or more can increase your HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Likewise, it can decrease your triglyceride levels. However, running alone is not all that helps. You also need to eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, carbs, proteins and calcium. Moderate lifestyle changes such as eating less sweets and drinking less alcohol will help.

In addition to running and making small diet and lifestyle changes, it also would benefit you to balance your hormones by taking the right supplements. When you do, you can provide your body with all the weight loss support it needs whether you are a professional or amateur runner.


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