Exercise Is Not A Tool For Weight Loss

Woman Cooling Down after Exercise

Is there a hole in your lifestyle change bucket?  People who are seeking lifestyle changes for long term health and weight loss are often told that a healthy diet, coupled with exercise, are necessary.  This is true, but not in the way that most people think.  Exercise is often marketed as a weight-loss method.  Many studies have shown that exercise does little or nothing to affect weight loss.  Exercise is a tool for health, for weight maintenance.  It helps to maintain cardiovascular health and flexibility.  Weight loss is the happy effect of dietary change.  Exercising is patching a hole in a healthy lifestyle bucket, so that a good diet can provide weight loss.

Obesity is more likely when the health and vitality are reduced because of weight gain.  Exercise often suffers as a result of this reduction in vitality.   People who exercise more are more able to keep the weight off over time. 

Exercise should never be approached as a chore, but as a necessary component of every day.  Many of the issues that orbit fitness and fitness regimes have psychological roots.    It may not seem like a practical change in language, but finding time to do exercise is a ridiculous concept, backwards thinking.  Finding time to be healthy is central to a good life, and exercise is central to health.  In addition, rewards for fitness should not include food. 

People who exercise more often think that they can eat more.  This is not true. The idea that one can burn off calories is ridiculous.  It takes so much exercise to burn off one pound, that it is not remotely a burn off what was just eaten equation. For instance, a person who weighs 200lbs, walking at 2 miles per hour, takes 15 hours of exercise to lose a pound, which is 3500 calories.  That's 30 miles.  And all of that work can be nearly undone by one cheeseburger and shake combo at a local diner.  Exercise should be woven into our lives for health.


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