An Exercise Routine with Multiple Benefits

Couple Walking with Dog in Woods

As 2017 draws near, most of us are considering this year's resolutions. Many of us list "get fit" on our resolutions list, almost automatically, but if nothing in our regular routine changes will we keep this resolution? Probably not. That's why this year, if you are a dog-lover, consider adopting a new pooch!

Man's Best Friend Can Be Your New Exercise Partner

It's hardly a secret that dogs love attention from their owners and that they also love getting outdoors and being active. Consider these resolutions to improve your health as well as Fido's:

Walk for twenty minutes per day, rain or shine. It's easy to put off an outdoor workout if the weather is too cold or too wet. A dog must have outdoor time several times a day, no matter what. If the weather is inclement, break the twenty minutes up into several shorter walks. Every step counts!

Vary your routine. Take different routes through your neighborhood and enjoy the differences in terrain. Some routes may be flat and shady, others hilly and challenging. Choose the route that suits your mood each day.

Take a field trip. Everyone likes a change of scenery. Taking your dog for a walk through a state park provides a real challenge for the both of you as well as an opportunity to explore and observe nature. Visit a local bark park for a rousing game of frisbee or fetch.

The best thing about having a dog as a workout partner is that he or she will never call in sick, tired, or act like they do not want to you see you. Man's best friend is always loyal and happy just to be with you. What more could you ask for in a workout mate?


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