Why Is Breakfast So Important?

Picture of a breakfast meal which is the most important meal of the day.When trying to lose weight, skipping meals may seem an obvious tactic. The first meal to go typically is breakfast. After all, business lunches and dinner with the family are non-negotiable, or so the thinking goes. Truth is, by skipping breakfast, you may be sinking your chances of weight loss success.


The word "breakfast" literally means "break the fast." After a night's sleep, breakfast serves to reset your body's daily metabolism and appetite. Skip it and you'll likely be starving by lunchtime, increasing the chance you'll overeat. Start your day with a healthy, well-balanced meal and it'll curb your hunger throughout the day.


Studies show that calories consumed early in the day are more satiating that the same amount of calories eaten later in the day. This, combined with breakfast's appetite-curbing qualities, helps assure you'll consume fewer calories overall. This is particularly true if your breakfast includes a few high-fiber items, like whole-grain toast or cereal.


Plus, a healthy breakfast is a proven brain-booster, because it provides the blood sugar infusion necessary for memory neurotransmitters. That's why pediatricians and educators so passionately recommend breakfast for school children. Research shows that kids and teens to head to school after a nutritious breakfast score higher grades than those who begin their school days with an empty stomach. The same goes for adults' performance at work.


If you're looking to lose weight, Metabolic Research Center can help you develop a daily nutrition and fitness plan that begins with a healthy breakfast. Call 800-501-8090 to find the location nearest you. Meanwhile, try a few of our delicious breakfast recipes like our open faced bacon, egg and cheese muffin; breakfast burrito; or breakfast casserole.


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