Finding Freshness in Frequency

Thumbs Up from a Produce Shopper

If you've gotten in the habit of only hitting the grocery store only once or twice each month, changing your routine can be difficult. But, increasing the frequency of shopping is essential to keeping fresh produce in the house without having it spoil. How many times have you had to throw out fresh food simply because you bought too much or waited too long to prepare it? By making a visit to your local farmer's market, grocery store or butcher shop part of your weekly routine, your food will go farther and be fresher at the same time.

Leverage Your Lunch Hour

For those who think they simply can't make the time for multiple trips, consider leveraging your lunch hour for shopping. Many workplaces are within a 10-minute drive of a supermarket and most offices have a refrigerator. Now, we're not saying to fill up the office fridge with your groceries, but picking up a few fresh ingredients for your next couple of dinners can easily be accomplished this way. Careful meal planning can also help with this. Often we only need 2 or 3 ingredients at the store since the majority of our shopping was done earlier in the week.

Be Aware of Produce Ripening Time

A trick some people use is to know the ripening times of their produce. Greens and salads can be bought on Sunday and eaten as lunches or dinners early in the week. Your heartier vegetables like rutabaga, carrots, and squash will keep longer and can be saved for the end of the week. While frozen is always an option, some nutrition is lost in the freezing process.

If you've been part of the Metabolic Research Center program, or have followed our blog, you know the importance we place on eating fresh, real foods. The more processed food you can replace with fresh simple meals the better. Give it a try this week and work in a few extra shopping trips. Focus on the fresh ingredients found along the perimeter of the store and see what a difference it can make during the week.


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