Cooking – Fundamentally Important to Healthy Living

Fresh Cooked Food

There are a few fundamental changes that one can make to really improve their chances of having a healthy diet.  Cooking and grocery shopping lie at the core of healthy living.  The modern tendency to instant gratification and convenience based living has driven the country to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.  Fast food, instant food, and premade foods are loaded with sugar, carbs, empty fats and salt. 

There's only one way to get a handle on what goes on the dinner plate - cooking.  It is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet if one doesn't cook.  Most restaurants, even fine restaurants, offer a pittance in fresh vegetable selections...and a salad, which is mostly pre-cut and premade...quickly leeching it of its vitamins.  Most take out or premade meals don't offer much veggie at all, and certainly none of it is fresh.  Neither of these options include much fiber, either. 

Part of this fundamental change is shopping.  Big box warehouse stores and superstores don't offer a big variety of meats and produce, and they don't typically get much of it locally.  They concentrate on moving volume.  Stopping at a local farmers market or produce stand and asking good questions is part and parcel of shopping local is what the local and seasonal restaurateurs are doing, and how they get the good stuff. 

So it is worth it to take the time to buy produce, to shop locally if possible, and to cook it at home.  It's fresher, cheaper, more nutritious, comes in infinite variety, and ultimately the key to good health.


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