15 Ways to Eat More Water

Drink More Water

Yes - You read that headline right. If you're looking to boost your daily water intake to help lose weight, improve health or look younger, know that downing glass after glass isn't the only way to hit your H2O consumption goals. Metabolic Research Center recommends eating your way to proper hydration, too, by adding fruits and vegetables with high water content to your daily diet.


Here are 15 foods, each of which are at least 90 percent water by weight:


  • Cucumbers - 96.7 percent water

  • Iceberg lettuce - 95.6 percent water

  • Celery - 95.4 percent water

  • Radishes - 95.3 percent water

  • Tomatoes - 94.5 percent water

  • Green bell peppers - 93.9 percent water

  • Cauliflower - 92.1 percent water

  • Watermelon - 91.5 percent water

  • Spinach - 91.4 percent water

  • Star fruit - 91.4 percent water

  • Strawberries - 91.0 percent water

  • Broccoli - 90.7 percent water

  • Grapefruit - 90.5 percent water

  • Baby carrots - 90.4 percent water

  • Cantaloupe - 90.2 percent water


Of course, drinking water throughout the day remains important for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. But adding these fruits and veggies to your daily diet can add a flavorful boost to your water intake. Find out more ways to slim down and get healthy by visiting your nearest Metabolic Research Center.


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