How to Increase Your Calorie Burn


The best way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficient. Concerning this, it usually requires consuming about 500 calories less than you need to burn fat. If you are not losing weight fast enough, however, some small changes in your lifestyle can help.

Start Your Morning Off Right

One reason people struggle with losing weight is time. However, just setting your alarm even 15 minutes earlier than you normally do could help. You might not use up that many calories during this short workout, but exercising this early in the morning can jumpstart your metabolism. The same can be said for not skipping the morning meal.

Eating in the morning has many benefits such as helping you stay full until lunchtime. Since you will be less hungry if you eat a breakfast, it prevents you from turning to unhealthy snacks to feel full. Consuming a healthy morning meal also encourages proper digestion that boosts metabolism. Recommended foods to eat first thing in the morning after exercise include yogurt, bananas, hard-boiled eggs or oatmeal will boost metabolism. These foods eaten in the A.M. have fewer carbs and less sugar than donuts, muffins or pastries.

Get Your Muscles Involved in Burning Calories

One other aspect of losing weight is the types of exercises you perform. Cardio routines do burn fat and calories, but building up your muscles can help you improve your calorie-burning potential. In fact, 10 pounds of muscle can burn 50 calories while the same weight in fat only burns 20. This helps to maintain muscle mass and your muscles will burn more energy at rest, even when you are not exercising.



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