Real Fast Foods for Breakfast

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When you're still low on caffeine and trying to get out the door first thing in the morning, the idea of hitting the drive-through appeals. From the standpoint of health and weight loss, though, that's not a good idea. Here are some betters ways to have healthy (and fast) foods.

Advance Preparation

Make breakfast burritos and keep them in the freezer. A quick reheat, eat and you're out the door. Ditto for the sort of thing you cook on leisurely weekend mornings, like whole grain waffles. Take them straight out of the freezer and pop them in the toaster. Want a veggie omelet? Chop the veggies and beat some eggs the night before. Store both, covered, and cook the next morning. Hard-boil some eggs and make egg salad to spread on your breakfast toast.

You Can Cook

The morning rush is not a good time for cooking in many cases, but it's not impossible. Instant oatmeal is certainly quick, but whole-grain old-fashioned oatmeal cooks just as quickly if you soak it overnight in half the amount of water. Next morning, add the rest of the water and simmer for three or four minutes. Scrambled eggs are quick and easy. So is toast with peanut butter. Slice up some fruit to go with either one. Toss those scrambled eggs in a pita bread for a cook-and-go breakfast.

Real Quickies

A smoothie might be the ultimate quick breakfast. The mix-and match possibilities are pretty much endless. Veggies like kale or carrots can be juiced ahead of time. Or you could use milk as the base and blend in a frozen banana and an apple. Add some yogurt for extra protein. Layer your smoothie and take it with you: yogurt, diced fresh fruit, granola or sliced nuts in a covered cup or bowl.


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