Do Your Non-Stick Pans Look Really Old?

Pouring Cooking Oil into No Stick Pan

Non-stick pans are practically your best friend when trying to eat a healthy diet. Virtually every food from eggs to chicken with stir fried vegetables can be cooked in these pans with little to no oil. Taking a few precautions can greatly extend the life of these valued cooking implements.

Nix the Cooking Spray

Health conscious cooks often love to use cooking spray in the kitchen. These sprays usually add very little in the way of fat or calories to a home cooked meal, but unfortunately, they leave behind a sticky build-up on your beautiful new pans. Do not be afraid to add a small amount of a healthy fat to your pan. Olive oil and other plant based oils work well with no-stick pans and are excellent sources of healthy Omega-3 fats.

Replace Your Metal Utensils

Metal cooking utensils are the mortal enemy of non-stick pans everywhere. Using these utensils will leave your pans with nicks that damage the pan's surface and compromise its effectiveness. Swap these out for softer silicone options that will not scratch your pan's surface. Spatulas, tongs, spoons, and brushes are all available in high-quality silicone or wood products.

Handle With Care

No matter what the manufacturer's labeling says, placing your prized non-stick pans in the dishwasher is a mistake. The pan's non-stick surface can easily become damaged in the harsh conditions inside an automatic dishwasher. Washing them by hand with a mild detergent will remove food particles without compromising the pan's quality. The same non-stick feature that makes cooking so easy will also make clean up a breeze.

Good cooking pans are an important investment in a healthy diet and lifestyle. Making some small changes to your cooking habits will protect your pans and help you dish up healthier meals for your entire family.


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