Are Sugar Substitutes Safe for Weight Loss?

Sugar Substitute

Many people who want to lose weight opt to use sugar substitutes instead of regular sugar. Artificial sweeteners have been shown to help people lose weight; however, the key is to use them wisely and in moderation. Following are some dangers to be aware of when using non-nutritive sweeteners.

Addiction Issues

The more you eat sweets, the more often you will want to eat them. Eating a snack with an artificial sweetener in the morning may be just fine, but be aware that you will likely crave such a snack later on in the afternoon.

Weight Loss Issues

Not all foods that contain non-nutritive sweeteners are fat free. Check the labels carefully to ensure that your snacks are not packing on the pounds. Be sure you also maintain healthy eating habits, as eating too many artificially sweetened foods may dampen your appetite for the healthy foods your body needs to achieve and maintain a good weight.

Diabetic Concerns

Non-nutritive sweets have been shown to be safe for diabetics. However, many of these substitutes are not clearly labeled. What is more, foods that contain these substitutes may also contain ingredients that are harmful to your health. Read the ingredients carefully and when in doubt talk with your doctor to make sure the food you want to eat is safe.

Foods with non-nutritive sugar can help you lose weight but only if you eat such foods in moderation. Choose artificially sweetened foods carefully to ensure that they are fat-free, do not allow such foods to interfere with a healthy meal plan and check with your doctor if you have diabetes to ensure that you do not use the wrong type of artificial sugar. These precautions will enable you to enjoy sweet foods without worrying about weight gain or health problems.


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