A Good Menu Plan Can Lower Cholesterol

List of Cholesterol Friendly Foods

We all have cholesterol in our bodies. The important thing to remember is that there are two types of cholesterol. The type of menu plan you create will help determine which type you have the most of in your body. HDL or high density lipoprotein is known as the good cholesterol, while LDL or low density lipoprotein is more damaging. There are several things you can do to improve the quality of your diet and keep your levels of HDL cholesterol at a healthy range

Including plant foods that are high in fiber will help to reduce LDL forms of cholesterol. Fiber that is not digestible by the body will carry away the bad cholesterol, ushering them out of the body before they can cling together and begin to clog your arteries. Plant foods also provide additional nutrients that support good heart health and help to improve circulation.

Reduce the amount of fatty foods you include in your diet. This means using oils like olive and flax seed when you cook and as ingredients in recipes. Cut back on the amount of meat you use that contains high levels of fat. When you buy red meat, make sure it is extremely lean and remember to cut away any large chunks of fat that may be present along the edges.

Look at how you prepare your foods. Frying adds oil to the foods that may not be needed. Instead of frying your foods, try baking broiling or grilling. Broiling and grilling allows much of the fat to drip away from the food. You can steam vegetables to help them retain nutrients that may otherwise be lost during the cooking process.


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