Will a Fad Diet Help Me Lose Unwanted Pounds?

Red Bullseye and Red Dart

Fad diets help people lose unwanted pounds, but they do not help you lose weight long-term. Going on the latest crash diet will cause your body to lose water weight not pounds from fat. As soon as you stop the fad diet, your body adds on the water, and you are back to being right where you started.

If you want to lose weight, you need to lose fat. There is also a bad fascination with weight for people who diet. Gaining muscle is healthy, but muscle weighs more than fat. If you are exercising as part of your weight loss program, you have to consider the ratio of muscle to fat and rely less on what the scale tells you and more of what the mirror says — at least through the transition period.

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Our bodies are comprised of 77 plus percent of water. We need water for our bodies to function normal and in a healthy fashion. A diet that causes your body to shed water is not a healthy diet and in some cases can be dangerous. Sitting down with someone who can help you evaluate what you eat and what you should not eat is a much stronger beginning for anyone who wants to drop weight and lose unwanted inches.

At the Metabolic Research Center, we do more than just tell you what not to eat. We show you how to create menus for foods that you will want to eat and that will also help you shed fat — not just water weight. Our consultants offer support so when you are frustrated or feeling weak, you can tap into the experience of the Metabolic Research Center's system and find the strength to continue your weight loss journey. Even after you have hit your target weight loss goals, you can continue to celebrate a new way of life that helps you maintain your healthy body.

Are you ready to shed fat and find a healthier you? If so, reach out to the Metabolic Research Center for a free weight loss consultation and we'll make sure you hit your target.


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