What Are Nutritional Yeast Flakes?

Popcorn Seasoned with Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a type of fungus that can easily be used as a flavoring in food, replacing gorgonzola and parmesan cheese that may contain animal byproducts. Because it is not connected in any way to animal based foods, it is an ideal ingredient for many vegan recipes. It is non-dairy based and it does not contain gluten, so the risk of possible food allergies is low. Nutritional yeast is grown on beet molasses and purified cane sugar in a highly controlled atmosphere.

By weight, this type of yeast is made up of almost 70% protein. It is an inactive yeast, which means it does not leaven or cause dough to rise before it is baked. It is extremely high in fiber and offers powerful nutritional support to vegan diets or other types of diets that limit the intake of animal-based products. Nutritional yeast offers a creamy texture with a nut-like flavor. As a seasoning, it works well when used in place of different types of cheese, such as flavoring for popcorn. It is an effective weight loss tool because it contains fewer fats and calories than the items it replaces. Yeast can be used in many different types of dishes including pasta, pesto, scrambled eggs, cooked vegetables, meatloaf, raw vegetables, salads, dips and a variety of potato dishes.

Nutritional yeast contains many of the vitamins and minerals a person needs on a daily basis. It contains the all of the B vitamins with the exception of Vitamin B12. Along with all of the B's, the yeast contains many other nutrients while only adding 20 calories per tablespoon to the meal plan. Yeast flakes not only add nutrition, they also boost flavor and will make almost any food taste better naturally.


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