Snooze to Lose?


Getting enough sleep at night doesn't just help you have the energy you need for the next day. It can also impact your weight loss goals. If you regularly get enough sleep at night, you can lose weight faster than would have otherwise been possible.

Going to Bed Helps in Many Ways

Going to bed on time, helps you avoid the urge to grab those late night snacks. Late night snacking is one of the worst things you can do if you want to lose weight as your body will automatically store what you eat as fat instead of burning it off for energy. Getting enough sleep at night, helps you avoid feeling stressed the next day. Stress, as we all know, often leads to junk food snacking throughout the day and/or eating too much at mealtimes.

If you aren't getting as much sleep at you should, take a good hard look at your schedule to see why. If you are working late into the evening, have a cut-off time and allow yourself time to relax before going to bed so you can go to sleep easily. If you are spending your evening hours watching TV or reading, set the alarm so you know when to stop and turn off the lights. Sleep plays an integral role in keeping you healthy and fit both now and long-term.

Sleep Helps to Regulate Metabolism

Sleep also helps to regulate your metabolism levels. Without enough sleep, your metabolic system will not function properly, making it easy for you to put on weight and hard to lose it. Additionally, a lack of sleep causes your body to produce less leptin than it should. Leptin controls your appetite and helps your body use food for energy instead of fat storage and not having enough of this hormone in your body can lead to an increased appetite and unwanted weight gain.



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