Is Your Diet Doomed to Fail?

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Dieting is a short-term plan that is designed to fail at producing long-term results. A diet is a plan to lose "x" number of pounds. Most diets do not consider health, simply weight loss. So what happens when you hit your goal and your diet ends? If you are like more people, the weight comes right back. That's a failure, not specifically on your part, but on the part of a dieting plan that 1) did not address why you are overweight, and 2) what to do afterward. Diets are not sustainable and that is why dieting for weight loss is doomed to fail.

The heaviest part of you is water. We are 70-90 percent water. When you diet, what you mostly shed is water, not fat. So even if you eat smart following a crash diet, you gain weight because you body needs water to function. There is a better way to lose fat then dieting. It's called a lifestyle change.

Metabolic Research Center and Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are ongoing. They are not a temporary fix, but an overall correction. What is different about a lifestyle change is that you still get to eat good foods. Instead of just reducing calories, you are becoming more active, more energized, and able to sustain an ideal body weight. Will you lose ten pounds in two weeks? Probably not. But you might lose 50 pounds in a year. At the Metabolic Research Center, we focus on helping you achieve weight loss by showing you how to eat a healthy and satisfying diet. We also offer professional support, an entire library of goodness and recipes, and screening for genetic and hormone issues that cause weight loss.

If you are ready to lose weight the right way and keep it off, stop by or call the Metabolic Research Center today.


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