Can You Rev Up Weight Loss with Metabolism-Boosting Foods?

Healthy Foods (salmon, nuts, broccoli, lentils, spinach)

Yes, no and to some degree. Weight gain is a complex issue and that's why there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to shedding pounds and keeping them off. That's also why your weight loss consultant at the Metabolic Research Center will personalize a program (and menu plan) to meet your specific needs. During your consultation, there is much more to discuss than what you eat every day. Genetic makeup, hormonal controls and the impact of sleep, physical activity and stress all play a major role in weight gain, weight loss and weight management. That said, it is true that you gain weight when you burn fewer calories in a day than you consume.

Although it is tempting to blame a slow metabolism for being overweight, few people actually suffer from an underactive metabolism or medical condition like Cushing's Syndrome. But, that doesn't mean we were all born equal. Fact is, some people can lose weight more easily and more quickly. Your age, sex and body composition are three of the factors that determine your basal metabolic rate. According to an article by the Mayo Clinic, thermogenesis (food processing) accounts for about 70 percent of your calorie burn each day and physical activity accounts for the remaining burn.

Studies have shown that people who eat and drink certain foods can burn up to twice as many calories after a meal than those who do not. For example, consuming lean protein helps to build and preserve healthy muscle tissue, and muscles are a fat-burning machine, especially when applied to an exercise regimen. The caffeine in green tea has been proven to improve performance and aid in fat burning. As is the case with many foods, the antioxidants (catechins) in green tea is probably the big winner.

It may be tempting to blame a slow metabolism for your weight management woes. However, in the long run, anyone who burns more calories than they consume will lose weight. The value of real foods comes from the good stuff they contain and how that can help to balance your body and restore your good health. So, don't ignore the benefits or nutrient value of metabolism-burning foods, but also don't ignore the need for supplementation to achieve good hormonal balance. To learn more, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We can help.


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