Which Meal Is Most Important?

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The old saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," has been around popular culture for a long time. Probably stemming from the days where we were an agrarian nation and many people spent their days laboring in the fields, the saying has become part of our collective memory. However, research shows that it's not so much whether or not you eat breakfast that's important, but more what you eat that is the deciding factor when it comes to weight gain.

Avoid Sugary Breakfasts

A steaming hot cup of coffee paired with your favorite iced donut is a nice treat, but if it is your go to breakfast you are doing your body a disservice. The caffeine-sugar combo may provide you with a quick burst of energy in the morning, but that will quickly wear off as the morning progresses leaving you with a mid-morning crash. Sugary breakfast cereals have the same effect.

Complex Carbs for Long-Term Energy

Instead of the quick sugar rush, look for complex carbs that will provide sustained energy throughout the morning. Whole-wheat toast with a smear of nut butter or avocado, old-fashioned oatmeal with fresh fruit, or a low sugar whole wheat/oatmeal muffin alongside your coffee will slowly release carbs into your system. These choices will prevent harmful spikes in blood sugar and provide energy all morning long.

The Power of Breakfast Protein

Protein is a powerful breakfast choice. Protein takes longer to digest and helps you feel fuller, longer. Choosing to serve pastured, organic eggs alongside your toast provides a great dose of helpful Omega-3 fats. When it comes to breakfast meats, choose leaner options such as turkey sausage over pork sausage to keep your protein consumption high and fat content low.


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