Make Tofu a Creative Tool for Kitchen

Tofu and Veggie Omelette

Tofu is not on most people's lists of favorite foods.  It is pretty much flavorless and its texture leaves much to be desired.  On the other hand, tofu is a really great tool in the arsenal to improve the textures of other foods.  Tofu's unassuming flavor profile allows it to slide into recipes pretty much undetected.  This makes it wonderful for sauces in particular, as it can add a protein rich silky smoothness where normally fat would have been used. 

Silken tofu is the type that is best suited for sauciness.  This type of tofu is never allowed to actually form the curds that characterize the other tofu types.  This tofu has the texture of a poached egg.  It is delicate, and will fall through one's fingers if it is allowed to sit on an open hand.  This type of tofu does not tolerate freezing like other tofu types, and it should not be pressed.  Its lack of curd makes the pressing that is usual for other tofu both un-necessary and undesirable. 

A cholesterol-free vegan mayonnaise can be made by replacing the egg  in a standard mayonnaise recipe with silken tofu.  Similarly, table-side style Caesar dressings, the type that are made in the salad bowl before the salad goes in, can have egg yolk replaced by silken tofu.  Chicken and tuna salads that are made with tofu replacing egg yolks, or even using tofu as a replacement or a supplement to mayonnaise have no fat, or less fat, than their mayonnaise ridden cousins. 

Other salad dressings, smoothies, and soups benefit from replacing a fat such as oil, cream or egg yolks with the protein of tofu as well.  This type of protein is often more economical than protein powder supplements offered by many heath food and fitness stores.


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