Healthy Smart Eating — What's in Season?

Bins of Fresh Produce

Enjoying the current harvest is a smart way to increase health and add variety to your meal planning. We all know that fruits and veggies contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to growing a healthy body. Along those same lines is a little extra benefit that offers a big reward.

Why Eating Seasonal Foods Is Rewarding

The biggest reward is that as seasons change those fruits and vegetables that come into season offer a different list of nutrients. By eating seasonal foods you give your body a wider array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

A secondary benefit is that change is good. Changing what you eat helps keep food tastes from becoming boring. This means that every meal can be exciting and healthy without being dull. When we are bored with food we are more likely to indulge in junk food. From this angle, eating seasonal foods help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and that is a plus.

Experiment with Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits

Maybe you don't like broccoli. There is a wealth of other vegetables that you can substitute for foods you dislike. Grocery stores and farmer's markets are two places where you can go and find a huge selection of seasonal options. Each holds an advantage. The grocery store typically offers a wider variety of fruit and vegetables from different areas such as the tropics. The farmer's market is a perfect choice for buying what is local, fresh, and vine ripened.

Experimenting with seasonal foods allows you to find new food choices that help boost your health. If you are interested in gaining health by finding a better way to shop and plan meals, then try the Metabolic Research Center. What they offer is also a variety of ways to gain health and lose weight. Programs focus on the enjoyment of healthy foods by teaching people about better food choices. This is not a dieting center it is a healthy focused place with plenty of resources such as a menu library and support from people who understand diet and health.

Seasonal foods offer a tremendous opportunity to save money, expand healthy food options, and please your palate.


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