Be More Productive - Sleep On The Job!

Businessman Napping at His Desk

Sleep is an important factor in our health and wellbeing, but for many of us, it’s hard to get enough of it into our schedule. Between the work trips or soccer games - the sick kids and the visits from relatives - there’s always somewhere to be or something to stay up preparing for. But, there is a trick for getting a little extra sleep and boosting your productivity... Naps.*

Now we know some of you haven’t napped since kindergarten, but according to Harvard Health Publications, naps should have never been ruled out of the day. They explain that many studies support that sleep benefits learning, memory skills, and innovative thinking, which means naps will make your day much more productive. So, while sleeping on the job might sound like a bad thing, snagging a nap on your break might actually benefit both you and your employer.

Keep your nap to 20 minutes. If you go beyond you’ll experience sleep inertia, or what we call grogginess, which isn’t the best plan when you have to immediately interact with people and get things done. If you make your own schedule and have a little more time, you could also try a 90 min nap. This actually completes a normal sleep cycle, so you’ll feel refreshed and avoid the typical grogginess that comes from a 30 or 60 min nap.

Tips for a Good Mid-Day Nap

  • Find a cool, quiet, dark place that is well ventilated so you can drift right to sleep quickly.
  • Don’t wait until you actually feel drowsy. Instead, find a regular time to nap each day, ideally around 16 hours since you woke up that morning.

Naps are a great way to get an extra boost during the day, but the better your diet the more energy you’ll have as well. Stop in at a Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation and more ways to get you the energy and freedom you want!

*NOTE: Before you take a nap at work, schedule a meeting to discuss the results of the Harvard Health study with your employer beforehand.


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