Cut Yourself Some Slack: Its Important

Setting Weight Loss Goals

Yo-yo dieting, and other ineffective weight loss methods have done a lot of people a great deal of disservice because they have put a negative mindset into place, a bad pattern of behavior.  They generate an all-or-nothing mentality that can torpedo the best of intentions, and even the best diet plan. 

It is normal to want a cupcake, a treat, a sugary soda on occasion, and this temptation is not a sign of flawed character.  Foods that taste good, that have a pleasing texture, are desirable, even if they are not healthy.  Humans are not programmed to only want healthy food.  Humans are absolutely fallible, and behaviors and habits that are part of each person's food culture is a result of biology, environment, and emotion, a complex cocktail that has no single solution.

Each person, to be successful in their weight loss and weight maintenance goals must carefully self-examine their habits, their problems and mistakes, and their self-sabotaging behaviors even while they work on changing their lifestyle habits.  This means keeping a log of mistakes, and figuring out why they happened.  Multiple, even frequent mistakes are completely normal.  Unfortunately, discouragement when a mistake is made is also normal. 

Being gentle and compassionate with oneself is a key skill-set to develop when working with lifestyle change for this reason.   So often, failure can send a person into a spiral of negativity that serves no purpose.  Little mistakes are not character failures.  Instead, the problem should be identified, acknowledged, and this information should be used to avoid the failure in the future, or at least minimize it.  Food journaling can help make identifying food patterns much easier, especially if “bad days”, stressors, or emotional states are noted in the journal along with the food choices.


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