100-Calorie Snack Pack Sounds Like a No Brainer

Homemade 100 Calorie Snack

When you're hungry and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating plan, and exercise regime, snacking between meals can help stave off binge eating and unhealthy eating habits. Many dieters turn to 100-calorie snack packs as a treat, thinking that a low calorie snack is both healthy and satisfying. The convenience of snack packs is also a big plus, allowing dieters to grab food quickly with little to no preparation time. Marketers and companies, however, spend millions each year trying to ensure that unhealthy foods can seem healthy. 100-calorie snack packs, marketed as a healthy treat, are often not healthy at all. Remember, a cookie is still a cookie, even if it's a package of 100 calories of cookie.

Snack packs sound great because they limit calories, but you should investigate the nutrients that your snacks offer if you want to control your weight and make healthy food choices. Processed sugars, additives, and lack of nutritional value can make these snack packs a poor choice for those trying to choose healthy food options. 100-Calorie snack packs often are full of small handfuls of junk food that will simply leave you feeling hungry again soon, no matter how much their marketing claims that they are delicious and healthy.

Instead of relying on processed food snack packs, consider making your own, healthy snack packs to provide a quick snack on the go. Bagged veggies, nuts, hardboiled eggs, and small amounts of sliced cheese are all great, high protein and high fiber choices that can be prepared ahead of time and kept for moments where you need a pick me up. Make your own low-calorie snack packs that are also high in nutrients and health.


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