Weight Loss Isn't Rocket Science

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Weight loss isn't rocket science. A few simple concepts can change the way you look at losing weight. It doesn't have to be difficult and, if done correctly can actually be fun. Take the time to find out what works best for you and accept the challenge! When you find ways to make eating right and exercising fun, you take away the difficulty and replace it with a drive to succeed.

Too Much of A Good Thing

Too many carbs or too much protein can actually work against you. Find the right balance for your body type and you will be have way there. 46 grams of protein a day is more than enough to help you build and maintain the amount of muscle your body needs. Eat smaller meals and reduce portion size when it comes to carbs. Eating smaller amounts more frequently will help you maintain a steady level of energy without overloading on calories.

Diversity in Exercise

Vary your workout routines. If your body becomes accustomed to the same old routine, it will be harder to advance towards your goals. Instead, change things up and use different routines at different times. Don't let your body get in a rut.

Work Out With a Partner

Find a workout buddy. Having a partner will help keep you motivated. Sharing your thoughts and ideas can make things interesting. When you work out with a partner, you are less likely to stop short of your exercise goal. Support and encourage one another and you will both reap the rewards.

Don't Binge Eat

Don't binge eat after workouts or after skipping a meal. Binging will not only make you feel miserable and tired, it will flood your body with calories that will just end up being stored as fat. It also stretches the stomach and will eventually override the natural sensation of feeling full.


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