Do You Need to Worry About Water Weight?

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Every single person's body retains water to some degree. Women are particularly vulnerable to water retention; in fact, some women gain up to 10 pounds in water weight right before their periods starts. This is nothing to worry about as the water weight will drop off the following week. But what about the times when it simply hangs around? Here are some tips that can help you evaluate if you should really be concerned about water weight and its impact on the scales.

Determining the Cause

Salty foods and foods rich in carbohydrates can cause you to retain water. If you weigh yourself right after a meal, don't be disappointed if you weigh more than you think you should. At the same time, evaluate your diet to cut out excess salt and fatty foods. These foods not only promote weight gain but are unhealthy for your body if you eat too many of them.

Exercise can also cause you to temporarily retain water, as your body hoards the liquid to repair muscles after an intense workout. Avoid weighing yourself right after working out and don't worry about the temporary water retention. Exercise actually helps your body avoid retaining water long-term by stimulating blood and lymphatic fluid flow to your arms and legs.

Stress Related Water Retention

Stress causes water retention as well. It stimulates the body to make cortisol, a hormone that not only increases water weight but also fat retention. Be sure you're getting enough sleep at night and adapt your daily schedule as needed to reduce stress in your life. Water weight is not always a cause for concern but it can be in some instances. Determine what the cause is and, if necessary, make lifestyle changes that will enable you to shed both unnecessary water weight and actual fat.



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