Do Essential Oils Aid in Losing Weight

Drop of Essential Oil

We’re constantly looking out for the latest in natural solutions to weight control issues. Aromatherapy is a new frontier in managing metabolism and staying healthy, and essential oils are a growing tool in the wellness arsenal. The versatile group of compounds can be inhaled, applied topically and in the right solution, imbibed.

If this sounds strange to those unfamiliar with its use, you’re likely very familiar with some essential oils already in use in products that have a curative effect. Menthol, derived from mint oils, has mild anesthetic properties and is found in your favorite cough drops. Capsaicin, from chili peppers, is a familiar ingredient in topical analgesics.

Key Lime Oil - As essential oils have been used for years without worry, researchers are exploring a variety of substances for their efficacy as dietary supplements. A group of researchers found in a 2010 study that the essential oil from key limes produced a statistically significant weight loss in lab mice. The study doesn’t indicate whether the mice imbibed the lime oil or inhaled it; however, studies have shown that inhaling certain odors may reduce our appetites.

Olive Oil - A 2013 study showed that sniffing a bit of olive oil reduced the appetites of the study’s subjects. The German researchers found people consumed less calories because smell influenced the brain to think the subjects had eaten well.

Other oils that may have an effect on weight loss:

Grapefruit oil - Grapefruits have been a mainstay among dieters. The high volume of fiber and water makes you feel full after eating; however, you may be able to distill the essential oil and make a solution that delivers important substance limonene into the body. Limonene is found in many citrus fruits and may be the reason the mice lost weight with lime oil.

Cinnamon oil - A 2003 study showed cinnamon can reduce blood glucose levels 3-5%. Reducing blood sugar can help your body to keep burning fat in a resting state.

Whether you add spices to your food or sniffing oil daily, essential oil can be a useful part of a healthy dietary plan.


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