Control Portion Size to Manage Weight Loss

Food Being Weighed on Scale

Knowing when and how much to eat is just as important as what you eat. Portion size and when meals are consumed are two factors that you can control. Personal trainers often recommend that the biggest meals of the day be consumed in the afternoon. Eating before 6 p.m. gives the body time to burn off the calories they consume without allowing them to be stored as fat.

Some wellness programs recommend weighing your food as you prepare the meal to consume smaller portions. Smaller portions are an ideal concept for weight loss when used correctly. In fact, keep pre-portioned bags of healthy snacks to curb hunger.

Smaller Portions More Often

While major weight loss programs encourage smaller portions, many don't account for hunger cravings that occur late in the day. Most diet plans are based on three meals a day. This leaves several hours between each meal where hunger can creep in cause discomfort that will eventually lead to binge eating or sneaking food. Weight loss professionals have discovered that eating more small meals is a much better way of controlling hunger and managing weight gain. Smaller portions provide adequate nutrition and shrink the stomach so that hunger does not become a major problem.

Avoid Larger Meals

Larger meals can cause the digestive tract to be overwhelmed. The more food that the stomach and intestines are forced to deal with at one time can lead to indigestion, heart burn and upset stomach. Consuming large portions several times a day can stretch the stomach so that more food is needed to satisfy hunger pangs. By avoiding larger portions and replacing them with smaller ones, you can bring the stomach back to a more normal size that makes shedding pounds and managing a healthy weight much easier.


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