Water -- The Healthy Drink You're Not Getting Enough Of..

Man Drinking Water After a Workout

It's no secret that we should all be drinking more water. Think of everything you've had to drink so far today. From your morning coffee to a diet soda, perhaps some juice, how many glasses of water did you finish? It's easy to let our taste buds decide what we should be drinking, but the benefits of plain and simple water far outweigh the enjoyment of a sugary beverage.

Most doctors and experts agree that we should be drinking six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each and every day. In 2016 a craze began picking up steam, the gallon a day craze. Many fitness enthusiasts started endorsing drinking a gallon of water every single day, more than twice the recommended amount. Now as long as you're already a well-hydrated individual, the excess water will simply pass through your system. There are several benefits to drinking extra water daily including healthier skin, better hydration, and occasionally weight loss. However, never try to chug large amounts of water.. you can drown.

When you live in warm or humid environments, such as most of the southern United States, chances are you'll need to drink more than your recommended 8 glasses to make up for additional fluid loss. According to Johns Hopkins University, "how much you sweat is not an indication of dehydration, as dry climates may cause your sweat to evaporate more quickly, leading you to believe you are losing less water, which is not the case."

When it comes to weight loss, water helps in two distinct ways, indirectly and directly. First, water indirectly impacts weight loss by not adding additional empty calories to your daily intake. Directly, water plays an important role in breaking down carbohydrates, making them digestible so they can be burned as fuel versus stored as fat.

Take the Metabolic Water Challenge and get into the habit of monitoring how much water you're drinking. Pick up a water bottle with measured lines on the outside. Crunch some numbers and set a goal for yourself. By approaching water this way you'll be surprised just how easy it can be to get all the water you need, every single day.


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