Soy Protein May Lower Cholesterol

Heart Shape of Soybeans on White Plate

If you’re packing a soy-heavy diet, you should take a minute to examine quantity and quality. Soy foods have been consumed in Asian countries for centuries, but soy products are relatively new to the Western diet. A lot of evidence supports the consumption of soy protein, which can constitute a diet exchanging regular animal protein for plant-based alternatives. Soy protein, aside from being a muscle-builder, is incredibly healthy for your heart. In fact, experts believe soy protein directly lowers blood cholesterol levels while providing cardiovascular benefits. Such cholesterol-lowering effects are well-documented — and they’re widely believed to be one of soy protein’s finer aspects.

The "Soy Controversy"

Such successful diet options are not, however, without controversy. Soy, now, is one of the world’s most controversial foods. The fuzzy legume, in the spotlight since the 1990s, has come under fire for its digestion difficulties. Because soy is a high quality protein, it’s also utilized for therapeutic and preventative roles in cardiovascular disease health. For this reason, the FDA’s “Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score” has raised soy protein standards. When used in the prevention of osteoporosis, cancer or menopausal symptoms, soy protein may be shunted off if it’s digestibility isn’t high.

Soy Protein Substitutes

Soy protein is constantly being reworked into new diets. Tempeh, tofu and other soy-based foods are often used as healthy meal alternatives. Today’s health gurus are exchanging red meat, processed meat and animal fats for soy-centric alternatives in hopes of lowing cholesterol over long-term use. Other traditional soy-foods, like soy nuts, soymilk and edamame are also popular alternatives. Much of soy food culture surrounds the migration of high-soy dishes in other countries. We might’ve adopted soy-based pastas, cereals and veggie burgers, but Americans are certainly only at the tip of the iceberg, dish-wise.


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