Fresh, Frozen or Canned -- Does It Matter?

Basket of Fresh Vegetables

When it comes to picking the most nutrient rich foods, is fresh, frozen or canned better for you? The answer is fresh foods as they contain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than do either frozen or canned foods. The high heat used to process foods and freezing them both reduce the quality of nutrients and important enzymes suffer the worst under both the freezing and canning processes.

Why We Need Enzymes

Enzymes are micro-chemicals found in food. They are a catalyst in that they help your body produce specific biochemical reactions. Most enzymes are proteins and they work to efficiently enhance the many cellular chemical reactions in your body. If your body needs energy and needs to "burn" fat, it uses a chemical process to break apart the chemical bonds that are in the fat. That is where the energy comes from. Our body breaks down chemicals lke amino acids, peptides, lipids (fats) and others to produce energy and to build cells. Enzymes help to make that process fast, efficient, and consistent.

If your goal is to burn fat, then you want enzyme rich foods because they make the process faster. If you want to build muscle then you want enzyme rich foods because they help cells build new cells and/or repair old cells more quickly.

Fresh.. then Frozen.. then Canned

Cooking food renders enzymes useless. Freezing foods merely slows down the efficiency of enzymes, but typically does not destroy them. Fresh foods offer the most enzyme benefits. So in terms of enzymes we should reach for fresh foods first, frozen foods second, and canned foods last. The same is true of vitamins. Freezing does do a little damage, but for the most part they stay intact and viable. Cooking or high heat, however, has a greater impact on vitamin quality and canning food is akin to cooking it.

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