Should You Eat More Often or Less Often?

ScalesYou’ve probably grown up with the idea that you need to eat three square meals a day. However, you may have also heard that eating smaller meals more often can boost weight loss. Which one is the right choice? Should you eat more often or less often to lose those extra pounds?

Where Did The Three Squares Come From?

Where did we get the idea that we need to simply eat three meals a day? This actually started with European settlers, who felt that civilized people should boundary their eating and avoid grazing like the animal kingdom. Since that time, three meals a day has been a common tradition among Americans.

What Do Studies Say?

So what do studies say about how often you should eat? Some studies show that frequency of eating doesn’t have a big effect on weight loss. One study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that whether young women had six meals or three meals a day, it didn’t change the amount of weight they lost. 

Health Benefits of Eating More Often

The truth is that whether you eat 2000 calories spread across three meals or spread across six meals, you have the same thermic effect. However, while eating smaller meals may not make you burn more fat, eating more often can offer some other benefits. Eating more often can help prevent drops in blood sugar and can decrease your likelihood of overeating. Some studies also show that eating more regularly can lower bad cholesterol levels and increase energy levels. 

The Importance of Choosing Healthy Foods

Whether you prefer eating three meals a day or you like to graze and have multiple small meals, it’s essential to make sure you’re choosing healthy foods. Maximize the nutrients you’re getting from the calories you consume. Don’t indulge in junk foods that have no nutritional advantages, and make sure your calorie consumption stays in check to lose weight.


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