It's Healthy Food... Right?

Obesity Alert

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States. With everyone jumping on the weight loss bandwagon, you would think there would be more studies being performed to discover why reports of obesity are still on the rise. Part of the reason has to do with the FDA and its association with multi-billion dollar companies who are willing to through millions of dollars into foods that are full of sugars, fats, chemical preservatives and natural additives that have been proven to be unhealthy.

Advertisements are designed to target children and adults by showing them pictures of the foods they love and making claims that, in the end, are extremely deceptive. Low-calorie foods that contain artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives that considered to be toxic by many, create a cycle that actually causes a person to eat much more than they ever would have in the past.

The FDA requires each food product to have a label stating the ingredients, number of calories, vitamin and mineral amounts and any possible problems the food may cause. For example, due to gluten allergies, many bread bakers must put a label on each loaf that states the bread contains gluten. While truth in labeling was meant to benefit the consumer, it has actually created several more problems.

Misleading labels are just a portion of the problem. Discrepancies in serving sizes and calorie counts are only just the beginning. One easy way companies trick customers is to use similar words to describe a product. For example, a "light" food is one that is considered to have fewer calories. Companies can purposely spell the word "lite" and simply change the color of the food, retaining the original calorie count (and, in some cases, even add more sugar or fats than before.

Carefully reading labels and only buying products you know are labeled accurately is the key to eating a truly healthy, nutritious diet.


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