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Researchers say that as much as 90% of added sugar in American diets comes from highly processed foods. Nonetheless, not all processed foods are created equal and minimally processed products often extend availability and convenience. Without doubt, some of the ingredients that are widely used in the production of highly processed foods, such as saturated fats, added sugar, and sodium, are markers of a poor diet due to their negative impact on wellness.

Processed foods are ranked as minimally processed, processed, or ultra-processed. For example, a bag of plain tortilla chips are classified as processed, whereas a bag of flavored potato chips fall into the category of an ultra-processed. If a food product is processed, then it has been altered in some way from the farm to your shopping cart. Not all processed foods are bad, but ultra-processed foods should be avoided if you are striving for a healthier menu plan.

It is easy to be confused as to what makes a food highly processed, especially with nearly all foods processed to some extent. Some of the healthier processed foods that can be consumed in the recommended serving size are discussed below:

  • Frozen or Canned Fish – A lot of the fish you buy in a supermarket has a pre-frozen so buying it frozen gives you a step up. Frozen or canned seafoods are pre-prepped and virtually ready for the air fryer or stove. Check the food labels and select products with fewer ingredients and no added sugar or sodium.
  • Greek Yogurt – Plain Greek yogurt is a healthy protein and a good source of calcium and probiotics. Going Greek and adding your own fruit and berry toppings can cut out half of the sugar and increase nutritional values.
  • Nut Butters, Nuts and Seeds – Almond butter is a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, and the antioxidant vitamin E. Nuts and butters provide a healthy source of protein and fiber to get your day started. Sunflower seed butter has become a substitute for peanut butter eaters.
  • Packaged Salads or Vegetables – Making a salad from scratch, you will have to clean the produce and chopped or shred the ingredients before you realize you needed two of that and only one of this. Minimally processed foods help to reduce food waste and save you time.
  • Tofu and Tempeh – These little blocks of soybean curd and pressed whole soy beans are a great plant-based protein alternative. Moreover, both are versatile enough to be used as healthy protein replacement in a broad variety of popular dishes.
  • Plant Based Pastas – Vegetable or legume-based pastas are most often gluten free and contain higher amounts of fiber and iron. In addition to cutting down on carbohydrate consumption, consuming plant-based pastas offer a more complete set of nutrients to better support your overall health and wellness.
  • Granola Bars – Some granola bars, sports bars, and healthy looking grain bars are loaded with calories, sugars, and excessive amounts of sodium. Be sure to read the food label and select the healthiest options as these quick snacks can be a great source of fiber and protein.

Although people look at food labels for a variety of reasons, the Nutrition Facts labels are intended to make it easier to make informed food choices. The ingredients can vary on processed food products, so take a good look at the label. It is easy to find yourself shopping for food when you are in a hurry and need to pick up ready meals. In such cases, look at the labels for your food options and check for the least amounts of fat, sugars, and salt.

Pre-packaged food products at the supermarket should have the product’s ingredients listed on an attached or pre-printed label. Although designs will vary, the information provided is listed by descending weights and nutritional values are the same. By knowing how to use the information on food labels, you can quickly determine which processed foods best fit into your overall dietary plan. Labels allow you to select the right foods for your menu plan more effectively.


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