Why Individualize Your Weight Loss Plan?

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The human body is designed to be fuel-efficient. When food is in short supply, your body may reduce the number of calories burned to accommodate the shortage. This appears to be a very natural response; one that could allow you to survive a famine. Scientists at Stanford University have been studying people's weight loss success for more than two years to determine how physical and psychological variables affect weight-loss success and failure. From genetics to depression, some researchers now believe that your personal traits may have a lot to do with your ability to lose weight.

Weight loss studies at Stanford targeted low-fat and low-carb diets to determine which was better for shedding unwanted pounds. Characteristic such as genetics, gut bacteria and personal habits as well as psychological issues were identified as important variables. As results varied, researchers concluded that although no diet works for everyone, every diet worked for someone.  So, which variable or variables should a weight loss consultant consider most important to a particular individual's weight loss efforts?

Weight Loss Resistance

According to the results from the ongoing studies at Stanford Prevention Research Center, certain individual's may be more or less weight-loss resistant. This could help explain why some lost a lot of weight but found it difficult to keep the weight off. It was noted that obese participants in general had less diverse probiotics in their gut, which accounted for a higher proportion of bacteria that could adapt to a low calorie intake. For anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off, a tailored weight loss plan that allows for physical and psychological differences worked best.

If that sounds familiar, the Metabolic Research Center has provided personalized weight loss programs for more than 25 years. In fact, we've helped thousands of clients restore his or her hormonal balance by eating real food and supplementing their weight loss plan as needed. To take control of your body and maximize your weight loss, contact us today.


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