Want to Lose Five Pounds a Year the Easy Way?

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Laughter is the best medicine. It improves a person's mood, releases tension and relieves stress. It will also help a person lose weight. Studies are now showing that laughing for several minutes every day can actually help a person lose weight, possibly up to five pounds in a year.

How does laughter cause weight loss? If you consider the fact that laughing causes the majority of the core muscles in the body to tighten and relax repeatedly. Certain back and stomach muscles are hard to tone because of their location. Laughing reaches all of them in uniform fashion. While working out takes care of most of the larger muscle groups, laughter fine tunes the entire area, burning calories and toning up the muscle tissue.

Studies are suggesting that laughing for 15 minutes each day can burn as much as 50 calories at a time. Laughing for thirty minutes can burn up to 100 calories, and so on. Over the course of a month, a person can burn as many as 3,000 calories. At the end of a year, this could result in substantial weight loss. Laughing is a common activity that many people don't associate with weight loss.

Although many of us don't find ourselves in a position to laugh for fifteen minutes each day, we can always go to the internet to find jokes. You can also watch your favorite comedy skits on YouTube. Learning to laugh at yourself and the world around you are effective ways to release stress and restore balance. With the new findings concerning weight loss, it might be worth finding new things to laugh at.


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