Set Realistic Goals To Lose Unwanted Pounds

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Once you made the decision to lose weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle, you may have gotten started right away. Perhaps you have already begun a rigorous exercise program or have cut out processed foods and sugary drinks. But still.. nothing. You may not have shed any weight at all, or maybe you lost several pounds right away but now losing is at a standstill.

This can feel frustrating. You decided to make a huge lifestyle change and you were eager to see results. But it is always important to keep expectations realistic. A target weight loss of 1 - 2 lbs per week is a safe and reasonable amount. Dropping weight too quickly isn't always healthy or sustainable. With that said, there may be weeks where you drop several pounds, and then weeks where you actually gain a few pounds, even though you have been following your menu plan and exercising every day.

Simply stated, weight can fluctuate dramatically from one day to the next. Often, the pounds you are seeing gained and lost consist largely of water weight. If you are getting adequate exercise, and following your healthy, whole food diet, you will see results.

Another factor to consider is muscle weight. If you have begun a daily exercise regimen, you will not only be burning fat, you will be building muscle tissue. This is a good thing, because building muscles helps to boost metabolism and burn more fat. So, if you have added desirable body mass due to an exercise regimen, it may slow the results on the scale. This is where you have to not look so much at the numbers, but take a closer look at your body. Are you fitting into your clothes better? Have you lost inches in your waist? And, most importantly, how do you feel? Are you noticing an increase in energy and overall well-being?

Our clients often experience significant weight loss within a few months. Also, know that after losing 5% to 10% of your body weight, research studies have proven that you will begin to experience the positive health benefits of weight loss. To that we say... Celebrate Your Success!


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