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We can sit and read countless articles about eat this, not that, no wait, now you should be eating this and not that. Right? We have all been there and in some cases, still are. Food science research shows us many things, but the question remains, what will end up specifically applying to us? Understanding what foods fuel weight loss on a personal level is what we do for our clients.

Where research tends to agree is about plant-based dietary needs. Food science studies show that eating a wide variety of produce that include vegetables, fruits and superfoods can help better manage weight loss than most other food combinations. Leafy greens alone tend to fill us up, are slowly metabolized and contain nutrients such as di-indole methane which help balance hormones as they relate to weight loss.

Another huge advantage of consuming a high proportion of plants is they contain the right types of nutrients that help fuel weight management. An added benefit is, of course receiving nutrients that may be otherwise difficult to obtain. Loading the body up with calories that won't make it gain weight compared to heavy carbs and meats, sounds like a win-win situation to us. 

Along with providing an exceptionally high level of nutrients, plants tend to balance blood sugar. Because they are more slowly metabolized they balance our cortisol and insulin responses. They help provide the fuel we need to thrive and maintain healthy weight loss all day long.

Questions about what food combinations are the most ideal for you? We look forward to hearing from you soon. Our personal coaches at Metabolic Research Center are ready to help you put together a plan to maximize your goals now. 


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