Low Carb Diet Pitfalls

Steak and Asparagus

So a good weight loss regime has been proven to be either a low fat or a low carb one.  It seems that individuals should choose one over the other based on their personal chemistries and preferences.  As far as low carb eating is concerned, there are quite a few pitfalls that one can get into, torpedoing the weight loss process.  In another case where knowing is half the battle, here are ten of the best, or worst, mistakes.

Getting off on the wrong foot seems to be a big issue.  This usually results from people who don't understand the process fully and work primarily off myths.  Educating oneself on low carb diets, whether it be Atkins or one of the many others is absolutely necessary for success.  There are a lot of myths and misconceptions.  It is worth the time to read up on them. 

The second pitfall is giving up too quickly.  These diets take time and personal experimentation to get something that works.  Getting through the first week in particular is tough.  Hang in there.

Third mistake is too few vegetables and low sugar fruit.  Vegetables and fruit are absolutely integral low carbohydrate diets, and can help make a lower carb diet a long term lifestyle choice. 

Too little healthy fat is a mistake, and results in hunger and failure of the diet.  Lack of fiber is number five.  Overeating is next, followed by lack of planning.  Good, home-cooked, healthy food requires planning.  This is a central goal for long term success. 

The eighth mistake is repetitive food choices.  Variety takes work and research.  Nine is not reading food labeling and getting trapped by packaged food carb pitfalls.  And the final low carbohydrate diet pitfall happens when carbs creep back into the diet, adding the pounds back on.


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