How Empty Calories Can Derail Your Weight Loss Plan

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Terms such as "empty calories" and "energy dense" are often found in weight loss articles; however, it is easy to skim over these phrases without understanding what they really mean. Energy dense foods with empty calories typically contain a lot of sugar but not much nutrition. Eating these foods will give you a temporary energy boost but will, in the end, leave you feeling tired and hungry. As foods with empty calories are typically fattening, people who eat too many of them will find themselves packing on the pounds.

There are plenty of foods that have little nutritional value. Food manufacturers add a lot of sugar, fat and sodium to processed foods to enhance the taste and increase shelf life. Fast foods are also energy dense, as are chips, baked goods, sweets, soft drinks, white bread and lunch meat.

Eating these foods occasionally will not cause you to put on a lot of weight; however, they should not make up a significant part of your diet. Instead, you will want to choose healthy starches such as brown rice, potatoes and whole grain bread. Eat plenty of protein and lots of fruit and vegetables to maintain high energy levels throughout the day and keep your immune system and digestive system functioning properly. As an added bonus, healthy foods are rich in fiber, which leaves you feeling satisfied after eating so you don't automatically feel the urge to reach for a sweet treat in-between meals.

The Metabolic Research Center can help you draw up a healthy diet plan if you need help losing weight and keeping it off. We will work with you to create a personalized meal and snack plan that meets your schedule and health needs and enable you to steadily shed unwanted pounds.


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