Fat Burning Hormone--Could a Hormonal Imbalance Cause Obesity?

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They say that everything in nature is balanced and when it comes to fat storage in humans that statement is very correct. The two hormones that balance each other out for fat storage and fat burning are insulin and leptin. This blog focuses on leptin and its role in fat burning.

Leptin and Its Role

Leptin does more than just burn fat. It also helps our body to regulate energy consumption and is the driving force behind why we are hungry. Food, for our body, is energy. If we need more energy we become hungry. It also helps us to feel full. Leptin is a hormone that is so powerful that if unchecked it would cause us to eat until we died. It is tied to how much fat we have and it regulates all of these things based on the amount of stored energy we have. It's complex, but it is also the ticket to losing weight for good. Starvation diets turn the "I am full" feeling that leptin provides into the "I am starving" signal and we eat and eat, and eat. This is one of the reasons that dieting fails. We have a better way to lose weight at the Metabolic Research Center and it does not involve starvation.

What is the Solution?

At the Metabolic Research Center, we look at many factors that prevent people from losing weight and gaining health. After all, weight gain is not always about not making positive food choices. Hormones are powerful and many can alter our moods. In fact, the translation between hormones and our brains is vague. We may feel hungry but what our body really wants is water. So we eat instead of drinking.

Hormone imbalance can mean that we produce more insulin rather and not enough leptin. Insulin causes us to store fat. Leptin is the hormone that causes our body to use stored fat. If you do not have enough leptin then diet and exercise are not going to be enough to help you lose weight. One of the things that we test for at the Metabolic Research Center is the production of insulin and leptin. By knowing the challenges that you face in your question to drop unwanted pounds you gain the advantage of being able to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your weight loss plan.

What You Can Do to Address Stubborn Weight Loss

If you are someone who has a hard time losing "stubborn belly fat" even though you exercise and your diet is healthy, you might want to consider talking with one of the professionals at the Metabolic Research Center about hormone imbalance screening. There is no reason to do a thousand sits ups each day if your body is not going to burn the fat that covers your abdomen.

Stop by the Metabolic Research Center in person or online. We offer a lot of resources for people who want to gain health while losing weight. We have answers that are not about dieting. Come explore the healthier side of weight loss.


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