Let Beets Battle Your High Blood Pressure

Light Shining Through Sliced Beets

High blood pressure is a common foe which often confronts those determined to adopt healthier diets and lifestyles. But with all of the blood pressure medications out there, what are some natural sources we can look to? Beets have proven to be one of those high blood pressure battling foods you can easily add to your menu.

According to Queen Mary University of London, each 2mmHg increase in blood pressure also increases the chance of death by heart disease or stroke by 7-10 percent. However, the patients who drank beet juice daily saw a huge drop in high blood pressure levels. In the medical journal Hypertension, they also conducted a study involving 64 people with high blood pressure. After adjusting their diet to include a light 8 ounces of beet juice each day for 4 weeks, there were significant decreases in the subjects’ blood pressure levels. In fact the systolic pressure lowered to an average of 8 points, and 2-5 points for the diastolic pressure.

Obviously this nitrate-rich vegetable is a worthy ally in fighting high-blood pressure. And there are many different ways to juice them, pickle them, blend them, or even bake them! It may seem easier to just take a pill, but for continuing, sustainable health and wholeness, a clean and real food diet has the best results and lowest side effects.

Knowing the “why” behind the real foods you put in your diet will increase your dedication to keeping them there. We can help boost your knowledge level of clean and healthy weight-loss, so it won't simply be an ambiguous task threatening to drop off your radar, but a long-lasting and fully-informed pursuit! Get your free consultation at a Metabolic Research Center near you!


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