Managing Your Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Sore Neck After Workout

If you're just beginning to exercise regularly, you might be caught a bit off guard by the post-workout muscle soreness that can occur in the days following your initial exercise sessions. Not to worry. It's a perfectly normal physical reaction that will become less pronounced as your body adjusts to its healthy new routine. Metabolic Research Center offers a few tips for managing soreness or pain.

Before your workout

Before heading into the gym, enjoy a snack that's low in fat, high in carbs and has some protein. Pair it with a cup of caffeinated tea or coffee to help boost muscular strength and endurance. Once you've suited up, be sure to warm up your muscles and joints with some light pre-workout cardio and stretching.

During your workout

Don't be tempted to stop and take breaks during your workout. Keep moving at a constant, steady pace to help keep fresh blood pumping, delivering repairing oxygen to your taxed muscles. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your workout by carrying a water bottle and taking a drink every 15 minutes. And if you happen to sweat heavily, take in an electrolyte-infused sports drink during or immediately after your workout. They deliver essential salts that regulate heartbeat, nerve function and muscular contractions.

After your workout

Finishyour exercise session with a solid stretch and to boost blood flow back to your muscles. Invest in a foam roller to massage out any knots that form during your workout. Follow it all with a snack that has a 4:1 ration of carbs to protein to restore spent nutrients and a cold post-workout shower to reduce muscle inflammation.

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