It May Be Time to Take a Hike

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At the Metabolic Research Center, we realize that if exercise isn’t fun, you probably won’t stick with it. You don’t have to head to a gym every day to pump iron if you want lose weight. While you’re probably aware that hiking is great for your health, you may not realize how good this activity is for your physical and mental health. Head out hiking and you’ll enjoy fresh air and great views, but here are a few more great reasons you should add this exercise to your workout routine.

Reason #1 – Get a Better Workout

Hiking is a great type of aerobic exercise, so it promotes cardiovascular health, including the health of your blood vessels, heart, and lungs. It offers other health benefits as well. It can help you increase muscle strength and slows bone density loss. Hike regularly and you can improve your sleep, reduce risk of depression, and even lower your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer.

Reason #2 – A Great Stress Buster

Get outdoors in the fresh air around nature and you’ll lower your stress levels. Studies show that getting outdoors can lower your risk of depression and relieve stress. Feeling stressed? Take a deep breath, then get out there and enjoy hiking and the nature around you.

Reason #3 – Enjoy a Nice Change of Pace

Head out on a hike and you can enjoy a plethora of incredible views. Enjoy a view of the woods, a park, a city skyline, the beach, a river, or even the mountains when you hike. The change of pace and great views reduces the chance that you’ll burnout or get bored with your exercise plan.

Reason #4 – Enjoy Both “Me Time” and “We Time”

Whether you need some “me time” or some “we time,” hiking offers the perfect exercise adventure. A solo hike allows you to have some time to recharge and think. Want some company? Reconnect with those you love and take your kids, significant other, or best friend with you.

Reason #5 – Weight Loss and Maintenance

You can burn as much as 370 calories per hour of hiking, and that makes it a great exercise for weight loss and weight loss maintenance. You’ll have fun and torch calories.

When you want to lose weight, boost fitness, and improve overall health, hiking is a great exercise choice. Learn more about low-impact, exciting exercise options by contacting the Metabolic Research Center today.


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