Many Food Trucks Now Offer Healthier Options

Food Truck with Healthy Options

More than ever, people are realizing the impact food has on our bodies, energy levels and even emotional well-being. Nutritious foods make a difference. Eating healthy can transform your life on all levels. While eating healthy at home is easy when you plan and shop accordingly, eating out is a little trickier. Today, more and more restaurants are realizing the growing demand for healthy dining choices.

Food Trucks Are Getting on Board

The food truck is an almost iconic fixture in shopping center parking lots, job sites and near roadside attractions. Some people love them and some utilize them out of necessity. However, most people agree that your average food truck is a haven for greasy, empty-calorie fare that is sure to clog arteries and expand your waistline. But, is this changing?

The food truck isn't what it used to be. Ambitious and creative chefs are utilizing these mobile cafes to showcase their skills, and many are adding healthy, whole food options to their menus. This is good news for those who rely on food trucks for their daily lunch, or who just enjoy supporting these local businesses.

The next time you check out your favorite food truck, look for meal offerings that feature lean meats and fresh veggies. So, don't be shy about asking for substitutions. Let your local food trucks know that you are looking for healthy choices, if enough people ask, then they will start to offer them!

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