Garlic: It Helps Build Better Health

Bulbs and Cloves of Garlic

Garlic has been classified as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. It has a long list of people of historical importance who used garlic to treat everything from the common cold to cancer. The question is, does garlic have a health benefit?

As it turns out garlic does have a health benefit. At the very least, it is an antibacterial agent which was proven by Louis Pasteur who also documented the antifungal properties of garlic. Chemically, garlic is a good source of vitamin A , B and C. It is also a really good source for minerals like calcium, magnesium, and manganese, which our body uses for the development of strong bones.

The Chemical Power of Foods

One of the key elements found in garlic is iron. Our body uses iron to build red blood cells, which help to keep all of our cells happy and healthy.

While garlic has some outstanding health benefits, the focus of health should never be about a single food source. The real power of healthy eating comes from choosing good ingredients. Adding garlic to your diet is a positive step in creating a healthier way to eat. Will garlic help you fight off cancer? There is a good chance that it could.

Since our body uses foods to produce other chemical compounds, supplying it with healthy food choices such as garlic, is a positive way to increase your body’s ability to fight off disease. If you would like to learn more about how healthy food choices inspire our body to produce better health, then just visit the Metabolic Research Center.

Here you will discover an entire resource center that is all about healthy eating, weight loss, and support so that you can succeed in your health goals. One of the very important resource that you will find here is their health library of menus that offer recipes that are easy to prepare, economical, and delicious. Stop by for a visit and discover the other foods that fight off disease and add wonderful flavors and textures to what you eat.


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